R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. has been in business since 1975. Providing engineering and design services for the refurbishment of existing drilling rigs and for the manufacture of new masts, substructures, moving systems, mud systems and rig buildings. To ensure compliance with API Spec 4F latest edition, all masts, substructures and equipment are computer 3D modeled and are analyzed using finite element and stress analysis software programs. As of January 2016, over 400 drilling rigs have been manufactured using masts and substructures designed by R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd.

We work with a number of API licensed manufacturers to supply masts, substructures, moving systems and related components. R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. inspects and certifies these products and will maintain records for future repairs, maintenance, improvements and/or upgrades. We can do follow up inspections and certifications for compliance with CAODC and API recommended practices.

To optimize these rig designs it has been necessary to develop a number of products including, but not limited to, deadline anchors, adapter beckets and top drive dollies. Every effort is being made to ensure that these products meet the requirements of the applicable API Specifications, that they meet the needs of the end user and that they can be readily fabricated. R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. inspects and certifies each product but they are marketed through Hodgson Equipment Inc.