R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. have developed a large library of land based drilling rig designs, with different combinations of masts and substructures.

These designs have included:

  • Stiff Singles- 14 rigs built to date
  • Telescopic Singles- 36 rigs built to date
  • Telescopic Doubles-161 rigs built to date
  • Cantilever Doubles- 28 rigs built to date
  • Light Cantilever Triples- 89 rigs built to date
  • Heavy Cantilever Triples- 61 rigs built to date
  • Custom Designs- 27 rigs built to date

The above drilling rigs have used a variety of in-house substructure designs, including Step Down, One-Piece, Box on Box and Self-Elevating. Each substructure design can accommodate moving systems, whether they are incorporated into the substructure, pin on or built into a riser.

Our in-house moving system designs include a linear rail system with side shift or an automated stomper system, which allows travel in all directions. R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. have also designed platform moving systems which carry a portion or the entire drilling rig, center section and buildings.

These designs are continually being upgraded to be compliant with the latest API Specifications and to accommodate the newer equipment available. R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. uses a reputable independent engineering company for all designs requiring a third party engineering review to ensure compliance.