R.A. Hodgson Industrial Design Ltd. supply engineering and designs services towards components of land based drilling rigs, additionally we also provide a variety of services to complement our drilling rig designs. These services include:

Level 3 & 4 Rig Inspections under API 4G category III or IV or CAODC level III or IV recertification.

Third Party Reviews of drilling rig designs, accessory products and engineering for your project.

Upgrades to existing drilling rigs which may include increased set back capacity, rotary capacity, BOP handling, add a riser and/or moving system, add tracks to the mast for a top drive dolly or lug ratings, among others.

Damage Inspections and Re-Certification. We provide fast repair instructions and certification to get the rig back to work as quickly as possible.

High Pressure Pipe Design includes review of pipe size, weld inspections and full documentation for your records.